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  1. Hi Renee, I wanted to let you know {so sorry for the short notice} that tomorrow and starting every Tuesday I will post a linkup where other bloggers can link their blog to my blog.

    What is the topic? “Gateways to joy” talks. I said “gateways,” with an s. My desire is that we all come together and share how God used a painful situation to be our “gateway to joy.” It could be something that you’ve already been through, or something that you’re going through.

    You know Elisabeth said that “Everything if given to God can become our gateway to joy.” and I echo those sentiments. So would you please consider writing a post and linking it to my blog tomorrow or the next Tuesday, or even the next? 🙂

    In case you didn’t see them, I put some more pics up of Val and one of Val and Elisabeth. I may even add more now that people are honoring my wishes more of not downloading them etc.

    I’d been thinking about doing this for some time as a contribution to Elisabeth’s memory, but the other day I got an email and the young lady asked, “Who is Elisabeth Elliot?” I almost fell out of my seat. So I thought it would be could to keep Elisabeth teachings at the forefront …

    Anyway, please think about it!

    Blessings, Angela

    • Thanks for the invite, Angela. What a great idea for a blog hop! As time permits, I definitely wish to be included. Tomorrow I’ll add your link to my blog hops list, also. I’m happy to direct folks to your blog. Blessings!

  2. following you from the monday hop hope you can follow me too . You have a very nice blog ! Mine is here

  3. Hi Renee,
    I love the Christian focus and direction of your website. I wish you all the best and look forward to supporting your efforts online and word of mouth.

    My facebook website for my most recent suspense/spiritual novel is:

    My author website listing all my present and futue work is:

    Please let me know how I can better support your efforts.

  4. I just found your blog. I love your focus and will be following. I’d love to gift you a copy of my kindle book. Is that possible?


  5. Hi Renee,

    I recently bought a book from Amazon that you blogged about. It is called ‘People Can’t Drive You Crazy if You Don’t Give Them the Keys’ by Mike Bechtle. I would like to use this on my blog or possibly even use it for a Giveaway.

    Any advice on doing a Giveaway would be appreciated as I have never done one before.


    • Hi, Judith. How exciting that you’re thinking of hosting a giveaway! For a giveaway, I usually post a short review and let the giveaway run about a week. And I try to spread the news about my giveaway around.

      Since your book is inspirational, you could share your review/giveaway in normal blog link ups. I also post about my giveaway in several Facebook groups I belong to. I send invites to members of groups I belong to in Goodreads. And I post to giveaway linkies. I have a list of sites to link giveaways under Blogging Helps. Here’s the link:

      I hope that helps, Judith. Blessings!

  6. Melody ambler June 19, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Hi Renee, I love your blog! Thank you; it’s so encouraging. I would like to know how to keep your stuff; I know you’ve told people to feel free to download, but I’m so bad technologically all I really know how to do is pin if the blogger just puts a pin button. Could you give me a little lesson, please?

  7. Hello,

    I’m Hillary Beth Koenig, Webzine manager for Godly Girls For God, and editor/author of “Write for Him: The Story of GGFG.” We are doing a virtual book tour, and wanted to know if you would be interested in hosting us.

    Our book contains devotionals, testimonies, and stories from 25 different teen and young adult women, who represent 10 different countries, but are united in their faith in Christ.

    We have an outline if it would make interviewing easier – just let me know!

    Web site:
    Write For Him, our Book:

  8. I loved your post of Sept. 4th. I was wondering if I may share it (with a link to the post of course) on my blog. Each Sat. I do a post in which I share five links or things I learned that week & would love to include this post. The printable was beautiful!
    I visited from Faithful Fridays.
    Thank you for the consideration,

  9. Dear Renee, I’ve been missing your blog posts since the last you posted in December. I pray everything is all right. I look forward to your posts and your inspiring pictures.

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