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When you sit around the dinner table, you tell your kids they are important.

When you sit around the dinner table, it’s not easy to hide one’s worries and pain . . . making it easier to share your hearts.

When you sit around the dinner table, you also share your day, your values, and your hopes.

When you sit around the dinner table, you have “face time” to pass on what you believe the most <click to tweet>. As you scoop mashed potatoes, you have your family’s undivided attention to share your faith.

As we say in Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions:

Even God used mealtimes to teach His people—from Moses teaching his people about the Passover to Jesus teaching His disciples at the Last Supper. In both the Passover and the Last Supper, we can see how conversation, and even the food itself, was used to grab everyone’s attention and give the items around the table a deeper eternal meaning.”

“All great change begins at the dinner table,” said President Ronald Reagan. And what is the most important change we want to make in this world? To raise our children to love and serve God.

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Some nights as you gather it’ll be the perfect time to share a Bible devotion together and to have fun reflecting on the Bible story. Other times it’ll be more important just to listen to your kids’ day and hear their hearts.

Or, sometimes your kids may want to hear from you. Just a few weeks ago at dinner, my daughter Leslie asked my husband, John, to share his testimony. Since he never really strayed from God Leslie wondered how her dad was able to make a “good story” out of it. John was able to speak from his heart and share how even though he was raised in church and had never strayed far from God, he, too, was a sinner in need of grace.

Don’t feel you need to make dinner devotions an item to add to your to-do list. Instead, simply gather, open your heart, and prepare for God to work! Check out the sample of Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions below:

Lost and Found

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