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You know that lucky woman who gets to sneak away with a book while everyone else in the world is consumed with busyness? Maybe she relaxes in the tub or on the beach or on a deck overlooking a beautiful view. For a little while, she is removed from her own time and place and caught up in a world of dashing heroes, innocent maidens, romance, danger, intrigue . . .

Well, if that woman ever gets to be you, the experience will not be complete unless you have a Laura Frantz book in your hands!

When I began to write this review of Laura’s latest book, The Colonel’s Lady, the phrase that kept coming back to my mind was swept away.

With the first longing look between beautiful Roxana Rowan and dazzling Colonel Cassius McLinn, this novel immersed me in the period and feel of Fort Endeavor in the Kentucke Territory of 1779.

Our heroine, Roxie, is a lady of genteel birth, who travels to the fort with a ragtag group of fallen women, yet retains her innocence. She experiences the harsh realities of life and death as American soldiers wage war against both British and Indian warriors, yet retains her optimism. While others around her fall prey to the lax morals of the frontier culture, she retains her purity. And though she sometimes runs ahead of God and questions His ways, she retains her faith.

Roxana’s world is populated by colorful characters. Among my favorites were Bella, the outspoken washerwoman who takes it upon herself to become Roxie’s ladies’ maid, mentor, and unofficial life coach, and Abby, the tiny sprite of a girl who steals the hearts of everyone in the camp without uttering a word.

This story played in my mind like a lovely old movie. (from Drums Along the Mohawk)

And as for Roxana’s love interest, Colonel McLinn is an old-fashioned, hard-riding, tender with children, outspoken to the point of rudeness, angst-ridden enough to know he needs the love of a good woman, brave and upright hero.

There are just too many great scenes to mention—Roxie charming the Indian warriors, Cass and Roxie’s first dance, Cass and the Indian princess, a romantic cribbage game, and much, much more.

Sounds like your cup of tea? Then follow this link to purchase this sweeping saga for yourself. As soon as it arrives, clear your calendar, fix that cup of tea, and make yourself comfortable (see above for location suggestions).  You’re about to embark on a wonderful trip!

Meet the author: Only a special writer could find it within themselves to consistently create such sweet heroines. Laura Frantz is one of the kindest authors I’ve “met” on the internet. Follow this link to her website and get to know her better. You’ll see where her incredible stories come from.

Laura’s first book, The Frontiersman’s Daughter, is a free download for Kindle right now. It’s a lovely story with a brave, beautiful heroine and a hero who reminds me of Neil MacNeill from ChristyYou can download it here.

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***The Colonel’s Lady is available August 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Thanks to the good folks at Revell for providing a copy of this beautiful book for me to review!