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I’m a morning person. When 5:30 rolls around, I easily rise to silence my alarm and start the coffee. Snuggling in my favorite robe, I savor that first, best cup of the day in front of my laptop while sampling a few Bible verses, an insightful quote, or a short devotional from the online inspirational news feed.

Often something beyond the words woos me—invites me to linger, to delve deeper—but I resist and jump into the Rush-About phase of my routine: tidy the kitchen, choose clothes, fix hair, ready school bag, grab lunch, go.

Teaching at a small Christian school nestled in Clinton-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-Corners means a 45-minute drive for me. On my way out of town, I snake through side streets and back roads to avoid school buses. Near the diner/gas station plazas, the work trucks slow me down. But once I hit the Taconic Parkway, I can fly. I let my mind drift with the radio until I crest a familiar hill.

There the newly-risen sun lights the trees into luminous beauty. The tableau makes me gasp. The brilliance overwhelms me. I blink away tears and wonder if this is how Noah felt when he first saw God’s bow in the sky.

And I savor this sign that God is here, close, real in my world.

Are you like me? Too often sidelining God. Too often flying through the day. Until I stumble upon some sweet treasure tucked into an unexpected corner of my life and once again draw close and adore Him.

Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.”

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A common word used for miracle in the New Testament can also be translated sign. So a miracle is a sign that God uses to point to Himself—like the treasures with which He fills our days but on a grander scale. 

I want to live 2013 with an eye out for the signs that point to God’s nearness. Will you join me? Here’s a hint of where we’ll find Him . . .

  • In something beautiful that catches our eye
  • In an answer to prayer that lifts our souls
  • In the way He uses Scripture in our hearts
  • In a passage from a fiction or non-fiction book that touches us
  • In counting our blessings
  • In the small joys of daily life

I’ll be offering a link-up at the beginning of each week. Let’s promote what God has done for us! I’d love for you to share in the comments or in a blog post about how God has revealed His presence in your life. What sweet signs has He given you? What hidden treasures has He revealed? What practices do you include in your day so that you don’t overlook Him? Here’s a linky in case you want to share this week. I may not get to visit your post right away, but I faithfully pray for each one who leaves a comment. Blessings, sweet bloggy friends!


Bonus graphic: A pic I snapped on one of my many trips up and down the Taconic Parkway. This scene is half as lovely as the photo I didn’t get—the incredible view described above!

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