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Sometimes love requires a little forgetting … Come back to Deep Haven and find out what’s been happening in your favorite quaint hamlet. If you’re new to the Deep Haven series – this is the perfect book to start with – each book in the series is a stand alone story.

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After I heard author Tricia Goyer speak about her experiences while interviewing World War II veterans, I knew I had to read her latest book, Remembering You.

Her novel tells a small piece of the story of the men of the 41st Cavalry Recon Squadron, Eleventh Armored Division, Patton’s Third US Army—the first GI’s to liberate the Mauthausen-Gusen Concentration Camp. Over the years, the men of the Eleventh invited Tricia to their annual reunions and shared with her their photos, their stories, and their tears. Tricia’s relationship with these men changed her life forever.

Tricia writes, “One of my most amazing experiences was when I received an email from a woman named Hana. She’d heard of my books and knew I’d interviewed some of the veterans. She asked if I’d interviewed any medics. Then she told me her story.

Hana was born on a cart outside of Mauthausen. When the Americans arrived, she was three weeks old and very ill. No one expected her to live. Yet one of the medics saw the small baby and knew he had to do something. Even though it took most of the day, he lanced and cleaned all Hana’s sores, saving her life. Over the years she’d wanted to find the medic, but didn’t know where to start.

I told Hana I knew one medic—-maybe he would remember who that man was. I gave Hana the contact information and soon heard the good news. My friend LeRoy ‘Pete’ Petersohn was the medic who’d saved her life! The two were quickly reunited. ‘Baby!’ Pete called out when he met her. After all these years Hana was able to look into the eyes of the man who saved her and thank him.” Continue Reading…

Almost every day, Audrey Bofinger feels pain—other people’s pain. This empathic ability is what leads her to Cora Jean Hall, who is dying of cancer.

“In the most physical, literal sense, Audrey was regularly guided there, directed by an unseen arm, weighty and warm, that encircled her shoulders and turned her body toward the Halls’ house every week or so. A voice audible only to her own ears would whisper, ‘Please don’t leave me alone today.’ It was no pitiful sound, and Audrey never resented it, though from time to time it surprised her. In these moments she thought, though she had never dared to try it, that if she applied her foot to the gas pedal and took her hands off the wheel, her car would take her wherever God wanted her to be.” ~from The Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy~

Both Audrey’s special ability and her visits to Cora Jean become significant after a car accident sets in motion a series of events that endangers her family and tests her faith. As Audrey races against the clock to save her husband and son, she finds herself working through her own pain, as well as helping those around her. I loved that ultimately this book was about a spiritual crisis. And that the outcome presented a strong message about the healing powers of faith, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Captivating, thrilling, and amazing are just a few of the words readers have used to describe The Baker’s Wife. The inspirational reviewer from The Romantic Times labelled the book a Top Pick.  Want to experience what everyone’s talking about for yourself? Follow this link to pick up a copy. ***Thanks to the Litfuse Publicity Group for providing a copy for me to review.

Need more details? Here’s the book blurb from Driving early one morning to the bakery, Audrey’s car strikes something at a fog-shrouded intersection. She finds a motor scooter belonging to a local teacher. Blood is everywhere, but there’s no trace of a body. Both the scooter and the blood belong to detective Jack Mansfield’s wife, and he’s certain that Audrey is behind Julie’s disappearance. But the case dead-ends and the detective spirals into madness. When he takes her family and some patrons hostage at the bakery, Audrey is left with a soul-damaged ex-con and a cynical teen to solve the mystery. And she’ll never manage that unless she taps into something she would rather leave behind—her excruciating ability to feel others’ pain. Continue Reading…

Here’s some news about a book I’m reviewing this week . . .

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As a romantic suspense enthusiast from way back when, I jumped at the chance to check out Susan May Warren’s Love Inspired Suspense Series: Missions of Mercy. Susan’s a prolific author, but I’ve only read one of her books. So I was eager to see what she would bring to the table for the romantic suspense genre. Here are the pros and cons of what her LI series has to offer . . .

First, the pros:

  • Exotic locations: check
  • Heart-stopping suspense: check
  • Plucky, resourceful heroines: check
  • Tough heroes with big hearts: check
  • Just the right amount of romance and humor as befits the danger: check
  • Perfect length for me to finish while proctoring exams: check
  • Strong inspirational themes: check
  • For a bonus, these guys are ex-military: Two checks!

Now, the cons:

  • As far as I could discover, she’s only published three in this series.
  • Which definitely left me wanting more!

My favorite aspect of the Missions of Mercy Series is that the books are written from a Christian worldview. Kudos to Susan May Warren for making faith an integral part of her characters’ lives. And the spiritual issues they wrestle with are not superficial. They matter in the real world. As I wrote earlier this week, when the man with the gun facing down a relentless physical enemy can also operate in the spiritual realm–now that’s a great story!

The first book, Point of No Return, features Chet Stryker. Chet’s just your ordinary former Delta Force operative now running his own international security company, with a price on his head in Georgia—the country. His beautiful ex-flame Mae, a former military pilot, asks for his help rescuing her teenage nephew who’s been kidnapped in . . . Georgia, of course. And since Chet had been the one to dump Mae—totally to protect her from the dangers life at his side might hold—sparks fly when he decides to join her on her mission of mercy.

By the end of this book, Chet Stryker had become one of my favorite male characters. I loved his inner voice, sense of humor, and heroic spirit. Mae came across as both vulnerable and brave, a fascinating combination for a heroine.

The second book, Mission Out of Control, features Chet’s partner, Brody “Wick” Wickham, a former Green Beret turned security agent.

Wick’s mission is to protect the beautiful rock star Vonya, whose edgy performances shock his sensibilities. In spite of the animosity that springs up between them, Wick feels compelled to discover the real woman beneath the tawdry costumes—because Vonya has as many personas as she does names. Veronica is the proper senator’s daughter. Ronie is the humanitarian with a heart for children. And Ronyika is the vulnerable woman whose trust Wick seeks to win.

At the beginning of this story, I wasn’t sure I liked Ronie/Veronica/Vonya. So her character really brought home to me the theme that God’s acceptance is not based on the estimation of others but on how He sees us. No matter how wayward, we are His cherished children.

The third, and sadly last book, Undercover Pursuit, features Luke Dekker. Luke mistakes unassuming Scarlett Hanson for an undercover operative and drags her into his mission: to protect an agent named Lucia. Lucia is staging a wedding to quasi-criminal Benito in order to flush out his father, a ruthless human trafficker. Once Luke realizes Scarlett is not his contact, he tries to fix things, but complications soon abound.

I appreciated Scarlett the most of the three women protagonists. I enjoyed how she lost herself in the books she read and loosed the power of her imagination to help Luke out of a few tight spots. And the comedic elements of Luke and Scarlett’s story made me smile.

Follow this link to Susan May Warren’s Amazon Author’s page. (Maybe you can pick up all three books today!)

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About the author: Susan May Warren is the RITA award-winning author of thirty novels with Tyndale, Barbour, Steeple Hill and Summerside Press. A four-time Christy award finalist, a two-time RITA Finalist, she’s also a multi-winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice award, and the ACFW Carol Award.

A seasoned women’s events speaker, she’s a popular writing teacher at conferences around the nation and the author of the beginning writer’s workbook: From the Inside-Out: discover, create and publish the novel in you! She is also the founder of, a story-crafting service that helps authors discover their voice.

For more about Susan and her other books, please follow this link to visit her website.

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If there’s a young adult in your life, you can’t miss by introducing them to the talented mother/daughter writing team of Lydia and Heather Munn. Their debut novel How Huge the Night is a beautiful story of love and sacrifice among the teens in a small French village during World War II.

The main players in the story are Julien, Benjamin, Gustav, and Nina. Julien starts out with the typical goals, dreams, and fears of any fifteen-year-old boy. He resents being torn from his happy life in Paris to relocate to his father’s hometown. Even when his father explains his hope that the area is too rural and out of the way to interest the encroaching Nazis, Julien remains sullen and angry. However, God works in Julien’s heart through his grandfather’s godly wisdom, the circumstances of war, and the friendship he forges with the Jewish teen who boards with his family.

For the Jewish teens Benjamin, Gustav, and Nina, the war is a much different experience. While Julien wrestles with questions of conscience, these three struggle to survive. As the adults around them align themselves with either the freedom fighters or the Nazis, their lives depend on discerning who they can trust.

Here, the rich history of Julien’s town comes into play. The village had been founded by the Huguenots, who were seeking a haven from persecution, and soon the townspeople realize that they must be true to God and their heritage by welcoming any who flee to them for refuge–including Benjamin, Gustav, and Nina.

This book had all the elements I love in a story

  • Depiction of setting and atmosphere that made me feel like I was there myself
  • Events and struggles that drew me in
  • Characters–not just the teens, but also key adults–who touched my heart

Some of the teen novels I’ve truly enjoyed (To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Giver, etc.) were great stories and contained moral characters who made hard choices. But few of those heroes were born-again Christians who acted out of biblical principles.

Too often, classic novels portray all believers as weak or hypocritical or too heavenly-minded to do anyone much good. So I especially appreciated the strong spiritual themes in this book as the folks explored their Huguenot background and heeded what Scripture had to say. And—how refreshing—the pastor of the town was one of its heroes!

This book was based on the true story of the town of Le Chambon, the only French town honored by Israel for rescuing Jews from the Holocaust.

children of Le Chambon

Read about the history connection here.

***Thanks to the folks at Litfuse Public Relations for providing a copy of the book for me to review. Read more reviews from the book tour here.

The Kindle edition of How Huge the Night is only $5 right now. Follow this link to check it out at

About the authors:


Heather Munn was born in Northern Ireland and grew up in southern France where her parents were missionaries like their parents before them. She has a BA in literature from Wheaton College and now lives in a Christian intentional community in rural Illinois , where she and her husband, Paul, host free spiritual retreats for the poor, especially those transitioning out of homelessness or addiction. When not writing or hosting, she works on the communal farm.


Lydia Munn, daughter of missionary parents, grew up in Brazil. She received a BA in literature from Wheaton College , and an MA in Bible from Columbia Graduate School of Bible and  Missions. With her husband, Jim, she has worked in church planting and Bible teaching since 1983, notably in St. Etienne, near the small town in the central mountains of France which forms the background of How Huge the Night. The Munns now live in Grenoble , France.


“Who is this that appears like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, majestic as the stars in procession?”~Song of Solomon 6:10~

My niece enjoying the Princess Kit

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of living like a royal? How to Be God’s Little Princess by Sheila Walsh taps into that dream by using a princess theme to share principles and tips on all areas of life. The book is filled with the kinds of quizzes, games, and projects that girls enjoy, along with practical advice on cultivating both inner and outer beauty. The topics covered include, how to make the best pink cookies, earn money at home, be respectful, be a good friend, help Mom, wear a tiara, and live for Jesus each day. The lovely spiritual theme of godly girlhood is woven throughout. In fact, my favorite chapter guides young ladies in how to have an inner beauty makeover, with memorizing Scripture as one of the beauty essentials.

This charming book is perfect for tweens. Often when preteen years hit, social situations became fraught with peril, leaving kids feeling awkward and embarrassed. This book is a wonderful tool for helping an unsure girl transition into a confident young lady. Enter my giveaway and maybe you can share this book with the little princess in your life!

BTW, Sheila is also the creator of the award-winning Gigi, God’s Little Princess books, products, and dvds. Follow this link to see the Gigi products available from Amazon.

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Giveaway Princess Kit

Though my niece and nephew are a little too young for this book, they enjoyed playing with the Princess Kit. We even made my nephew a princely crown. Well, we intended to make him a prince. He insisted on being called King!

***Thanks to Litfuse for sending me the book and kit so I could review them here on my blog. We really enjoyed the whole set! Continue Reading…