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I love showcasing people like Corrie ten Boom and Darlene Deibler Rose, women of faith, character, and principle, who touched people’s lives for Christ and changed their little corner of the world. What I’ve noticed about these folks, is that—before they reached the big tests—they learned important lessons from interacting with Christ during their everyday lives. And many of them began their journey of faith while very young.

Helene Reed Vance

During my years of teaching, I’ve been privileged to spend time with some of the finest Christian young people in this country. I can’t help but think that one of them might be the next Billy Graham or Catherine Marshall. They give me hope for the future of the church and inspire me to give my all for Christ.

One such former student is Helene Reed Vance. My first memories of Helene are of a radiant young woman with a tender heart and a smile that brightened everyone’s day. Always a hard worker, Helene held down a job during her high school years to help pay her tuition in our little Christian school. She was involved in every activity and a friend to all.  Some of my fondest memories include Helene and her best buddies from Northern Dutchess Christian School.

Helene and family

Helene was gracious enough to answer my questions for a blog interview. So here we go . . .

Helene comes from a close-knit Christian family of seven—her parents, twin older sisters, younger sister, and younger brother. One of her goals is to be as involved with her kids’ lives as her mom and dad were. Helene says, “The most special memory of my childhood is reading and memorizing Scripture with my family each morning before we started the day. We did that for as long as I can remember. I believe that is what has held us together and molded us into the people we are today.”

Who has provided the greatest inspiration for you during your life?

Helene and sister Amber

“My parents have taught me so many lessons that I hold dear to my heart. Their wisdom has been an invisible strength and help to me over the years. My grandfather is another person who has inspired me and helped me grow. He passed away about nine years ago, but his legacy was one of love and selflessness as I’ve never seen in a person before or since. My sister, Amber, has always been an inspiration to me. We are opposite in so many ways, but she is always encouraging me, pushing me, and holding me accountable, whether she is making a conscience effort to do this or not. Also, you have helped guide me as well! It was during my high school years that my love of reading continued to grow. Because of that, I chose my college career in English.” (I know–wasn’t it sweet of her to mention me?!)

What degrees do you and your husband Jordan have? What are you and he doing now?

Helene and Jordan

“I have a Bachelors in English from Liberty University. I will be finishing up my Masters in Business Administration in May. Jordan received his Bachelors in Religion and Philosophy from Eastern Nazarene College. He is now working on another Bachelor’s degree in nursing, here at Liberty.”

“I’ve been working at Liberty for the past 2 ½ years. I recently accepted a job promotion as Assistant Registrar for Liberty University Online Undergraduate Programs. I love the position and the team I am a part of. Jordan works as a Sales Rep for a regional phone company, while going through his schooling. He is an incredible salesman and I am so proud of his hard work and sales abilities!”

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