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 Lead Your Family Like Jesus

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I don’t have kids of my own, but after twenty-five years of observing family dynamics from behind my teacher’s desk, I’d have to say that parenting is the hardest job in the world. At our Christian high school, we dedicate ourselves to coming alongside parents as they seek to lead their children to Christ, guide their character development, and prepare them for life. So I’ll be sharing my copy of Lead Your Family Like Jesus with as many parents as possible.

I discovered this book as part of inspirational fiction author Tricia Goyer’s Launch Team. She co-wrote the book with Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. 

Are you wondering what qualifies Tricia to write a book on parenting?

  • She began motherhood as a teen mom.
  • After she gave her life to the Lord, He led her to marry a godly man.
  • She and her hubs had two more children.
  • Tricia became a working mom (she’s written 30+ books) and homeschooler.
  • She started a Crisis Pregnancy Center.
  • She leads Teen MOPS.
  • Her family teaches children’s church together each Sunday.
  • Now that Tricia has a married son, son in college, and daughter in high school, she and her husband recently adopted 3 young children.
  • She provides a home for her grandmother, and Tricia is a grandmother herself.

Are you catching on that Tricia has much practical wisdom to share with parents in all stages of their journey? You can connect with Tricia here at her website, on Facebook & on Twitter.

How will reading Lead Your Family Like Jesus benefit you? This book will help you “take Christ out of the spare compartment of your private spiritual life and give him free rein in all your daily actions and relationships.”

I’d sum up the main takeaway with these lines:Leading like Jesus as a parent is first a spiritual matter. Whenever you have an opportunity to influence the thinking and behavior of other family members, the first questions you have to answer is, ‘Am I motivated by self-interest or by the betterment of those I’m serving?’”

My favorite chapters discussed the concept of EGO. Initially EGO stands for Edging God Out and allowing Pride and Fear to dictate our choices, actions, and reactions. The authors remind us that “Edging God Out separates us from Him, from others, and from knowing the true selves He designed us to be.” They then encourage us that “when we replace our tendency to Edge God Out with Exalting God Only,” we operate from Humility and Confidence and “influence our kids in a way that points them to Christ.”

Lead Your Family Like Jesus

Feel free to download & share

***Thanks to Tricia and Tyndale House for sending me a copy of Lead Your Family Like Jesus to review. Please, don’t miss picking up a copy of the book here! Both parents and parents-to-be will appreciate this book. And if you are a grandparent, one of the nicest things you can do for your grandkids is to share this book with their parents.

More encouraging quotes from the book:

“By looking at Jesus, you can learn how to build a loving relationship with your children and extended family—no matter how you were raised and no matter what challenges your family faces.” (Click to Tweet)

“When the bills appear bigger than your income, trust in God by acknowledging that He is your Provider. He will supply what you need—not always what you want. He promises to take care of His children.” (Click to Tweet)

“Family members will experience what’s in your heart and head when your motivations and beliefs about parenting affect your hands—your actions.” (Click to Tweet)

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Fool for books hop image 2013

UPDATE: Winners will be announced soon!

I’m glad you stopped by to help celebrate Spring with a Fool for Books Giveaway Hop! All week long you can hop around from blog to blog and scoop up some great book-related prizes without leaving the comfort of your own home. This exciting event was organized by Inspired Kathy of the I Am A Reader, Not A Writer Blog.

The hop will run from Sunday, March 31, to Sunday, April 7th, at 11:59 pm. Do you remember how it works? You can enter my giveaway and then hop to any blog on the linky list (at the end of this post) to see what they’re offering. Who knows what wonderful prizes are out there?

The Doorkeeper Prize: I’m giving away TWO $10 Amazon Email Gift Cards. That means two winners! Just to show my appreciation for those of you who follow and visit my blog! I will email the winners on April 9th and post their names after they respond.

Steps to enter . . .

1. For your mandatory entry, leave a comment on this post. 2. In that one comment, you can list any bonus entries you’ve completed. You don’t need to leave separate comments. (Since I do have to moderate some comments—especially if you’re new to the blog—don’t worry if your your comment doesn’t show up right away.)

**Also, I believe you have to enter your email address in order to comment. Though you can’t see your email address here, I can view it from my blog dashboard. So don’t feel you need to write your email address again in your comment

Bonus Entries:

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Periodically, I’ve been trying something new on the blog: a blog hop, which I’m calling Come to the Table.

When I started this blog link up, I was hoping to create a place where blogs would receive more visibility. I encouraged you to visit your link up neighbors and make new friends. But visiting around to your neighbors takes time.

So I’m now trying a ONCE A MONTH hop. I’ll post the hop at the end of the month, and we can all link up our favorite posts. (I will try this at the end of November. If no one is interested, I’ll move on to something else!)


Why call it Come to the Table? Because one of my favorite things is to gather around a cozy kitchen table with a group of friends–with a mug of coffee in hand, of course–and share whatever is on our hearts.

What is a blog hop? An event where bloggers link up their posts and share with readers whatever is on their hearts.

Giveaway Prize: I’m giving away a $10 Amazon Email Gift Card to one participant. You are entered when you link up and each time you comment on a post! Giveaway ends next Friday, December 7th.

What kind of posts will bloggers link here? I invite bloggers to link their favorite post (or posts) from the last month . . .

  • Thoughts on how God has been working in your life
  • A post about your family
  • A review of a great book you’ve read
  • A giveaway we’d be interested in
  • A word about something wonderful that just happened to you
  • A post about a disappointment or heartache
  • Thoughts on Scripture
  • A list of some of your favorite things

So with all those choices, readers will find a little bit of everything at this blog hop. Bloggers, link what you will—as long as it is Inspirational or Family Friendly.

Sometimes love requires a little forgetting … Come back to Deep Haven and find out what’s been happening in your favorite quaint hamlet. If you’re new to the Deep Haven series – this is the perfect book to start with – each book in the series is a stand alone story.

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Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing Suzanne Wood Fisher’s new book. While you wait, why not sign up for her giveaway?

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“Who is this that appears like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, majestic as the stars in procession?”~Song of Solomon 6:10~

My niece enjoying the Princess Kit

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of living like a royal? How to Be God’s Little Princess by Sheila Walsh taps into that dream by using a princess theme to share principles and tips on all areas of life. The book is filled with the kinds of quizzes, games, and projects that girls enjoy, along with practical advice on cultivating both inner and outer beauty. The topics covered include, how to make the best pink cookies, earn money at home, be respectful, be a good friend, help Mom, wear a tiara, and live for Jesus each day. The lovely spiritual theme of godly girlhood is woven throughout. In fact, my favorite chapter guides young ladies in how to have an inner beauty makeover, with memorizing Scripture as one of the beauty essentials.

This charming book is perfect for tweens. Often when preteen years hit, social situations became fraught with peril, leaving kids feeling awkward and embarrassed. This book is a wonderful tool for helping an unsure girl transition into a confident young lady. Enter my giveaway and maybe you can share this book with the little princess in your life!

BTW, Sheila is also the creator of the award-winning Gigi, God’s Little Princess books, products, and dvds. Follow this link to see the Gigi products available from Amazon.

Giveaway #1: I have an extra Princess Kit to give away! The whole set is pictured below. The kit includes the How to Be God’s Little Princess book, four mugs, four crowns, jewels, and a carryall bag. (US and Canada only) If you’re interested, enter my giveaway in the comments section below before registering for the author’s Kindle giveaway. My giveaway ends Friday, April 29, at 11:59 p.m. I’ll announce a winner soon after!

Remember, once you click the big pink Kindle photo, you’ll be taken away from this page, and I don’t want you to miss your chance to win this kit!

Steps to enter: This one’s simple. Leave a comment on this post answering one of the following questions:

  • What little princess would you like to gift with this kit?
  • What’s your favorite princess movie?
  • Do you know any verses or quotes about being a princess?
  • Has anyone in your life treated you as if you were a princess?
  • Link us to a picture of your little princess.

Giveaway Princess Kit

Though my niece and nephew are a little too young for this book, they enjoyed playing with the Princess Kit. We even made my nephew a princely crown. Well, we intended to make him a prince. He insisted on being called King!

***Thanks to Litfuse for sending me the book and kit so I could review them here on my blog. We really enjoyed the whole set! Continue Reading…

UPDATE: A winner has been contacted!

What emotion is strong enough to affect our physical bodies, sabotage relationships, warp life purposes, and alter personalities?

If you guessed guilt, you’re right. And guilt is the secret emotion that burdens each main character in Denise Hunter’s delightful Women of Faith Fiction selection, A Cowboy’s Touch.

In the story, Abigail Jones is a workaholic journalist, who pens exposes for a column in her mother’s magazine. Though her column is called The Truthseeker, Abigail comes to realize that she has veered off from the truth in her own life. She plans a timeout  at her aunt’s in the-middle-of-nowhere Montana. There she meets handsome cowboy Wade Ryan, a brooding single father. Wade has a beautiful daughter, successful ranch, good friends and neighbors, but he’s lost the joy to be found in such a life.

As the characters meet and begin to fall in love, something they can’t quite put a name to prevents them from finding happiness together. Guilt in one form or another motivates them to hide what they’re truly thinking and feeling from each other—and even from themselves.

II Corinthians 7 mentions guilt this way: “For you became sorrowful as God intended and so were not harmed in any way by us. Godly sorrow [true guilt] brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow [false guilt] brings death. See what this godly sorrow [true guilt] has produced in you: what earnestness, what eagerness to clear yourselves, what indignation, what alarm, what longing, what concern, what readiness to see justice done.”

False guilt plagues us when we doubt God’s love or fail to trust His forgiveness. We needlessly beat ourselves up again and again over the things we’ve brought to God.

True guilt is produced in our hearts by the Holy Spirit for one purpose: to bring us to repentance. I John 1:9 promises, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins, and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

So once we confess something and God forgives, it’s over—no matter what our feelings tell us.

I love it when folks learn this truth and free themselves from the burdens they’ve been carrying, and this story is no exception. Abigail and Wade are characters I routed for, along with Wade’s endearing daughter Maddie. And although I’ve emphasized how to effectively deal with guilt, it’s not a heavy theological topic in the story—just an obstacle to be overcome in the characters’ lives. So don’t be afraid of picking up this book or sharing it with a friend as a cozy, grab-a-cup-of-tea read.

The spiritual themes are deftly woven throughout a light, heartwarming story with just the right amount of sweet romance. In fact, it’s another book I could easily picture as a Hallmark movie—complete with the happy couple riding off into the sunset at the end!

***Thanks to The B&B Media Group for providing my review copy of this book for free. You can read more reviews and purchase a copy of the book at this link.

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I’ll post the name of the winner on Tuesday, April 19th.

Welcome to the 12 Pearls of Christmas! Enjoy these Christmas “Pearls of Wisdom” plus a giveaway! Please follow along through Christmas Eve as some lovely Christian authors share their heartfelt stories of how God has touched their lives during this most wonderful time of the year.

Don’t forget that there’s a giveaway! Fill out the quick form at the link located at the bottom of this post to be entered to win a PEARL NECKLACE, BRACELET, AND EARRINGS! The pearls are meant to be a tangible reminder of God’s grace to us all. You may enter this giveaway once a day. The winner will be announced on New Year’s Day at the Pearl Girls Blog!


The First Christmas by Pat Ennis

It was October of my eighteenth year of life when my Dad stepped into eternity. As a college freshman I not only had to deal with my own grief, I also was faced with the responsibility of helping my mother adjust to a new lifestyle. You see, when Dad died, she not only lost her husband of thirty years, she also lost her circle of friends. Suddenly the married couples (my Dad was the first of their group to die) didn’t know what to do about Mother—so they did nothing. Her grieving process was actually extended because of the withdrawal of her friends, many with whom she and Dad had enjoyed fellowship for years.

Our plight was magnified by the reality that we did not have extended family and I was an only child. Quite frankly, the outlook for the holiday season appeared pretty dismal! Continue Reading…