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Amazon’s book blurb:American pilot Tom Jaeger is shot down in Normandy and taken in by the Resistance. He becomes a key part in their plan to get information on the Germans and their plans for the Caen Canal Bridge. Brigitte Durand, a prostitute at a Germans-only brothel, passes on information to Tom, since she wants to help the Allies. Their window of opportunity is closing, as the invasion looms. ls the Resistance being foolhardy by placing their faith in a pilot and a prostitute?

My take on the story: Flame of Resistance is a well-researched novel of the World War II era. The characters are finely-drawn and live out an exciting adventure. As a WWII movie/book fan, I’m glad I picked up this book. I learned more about the occupation and the kind of folks who made up The Greatest Generation. However, I found the cast of characters a bit overwhelming and the story itself quite slow. Confession: I like my historical fiction fast-paced, romantic, filled with unforgettable characters, and just historical enough. (Don’t tell my students!)

True lovers of history—the folks who can piece the details together with ease—will highly value Tom and Brigitte’s story. Do you have one such friend or family member on your Christmas shopping list? Then you will want to fly to this link and purchase him/her a copy of Flame of Resistance today. There. One person on your Christmas list down. How many to go? ***Thanks to Tyndale House for providing a copy of this book for me to review. Continue Reading…