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On Monday, I uncovered a drug ring in South Minneapolis. On Tuesday, I spotted a felony theft at a country club in Edina. On Wednesday, I overheard plans for industrial espionage while staking out the back room of a workshop in St. Paul.

On Thursday, my daughter blew all my cases out of the water . . .

With these first lines from Symphony of Secrets, author Sharon Hinck ushers us into the slightly-zany mind of single mom and talented flutist, Amy Johnson. As a crime novel buff, Amy is always on the lookout for a real-life mystery to solve, yet she can’t seem to follow the clues that lead to understanding her daughter’s heart—much less, her own.

Caught reading--instead of cleaning my messy home office!

Amy is flawed and funny and filled with an overabundance of imagination. She’s a main character who works her way into your heart until you’re ready to follow her into any fictional situation. I found myself rejoicing to see her win a spot with the Minneapolis Symphony (which brings her to the attention of the handsome conductor) and empathizing with the self-doubts that swamp her as she pursues her dream.

When she attempts to discover who is sabotaging the symphony and steps out of her comfort zone to connect with the non-musical mothers of the cheerleading squad, some of her antics made me laugh out loud.

But, for me, her bravest moments come when she faces her past, acknowledges the pain she has caused, and finds a way to move forward in love.

If you’ve ever yearned for a dream, loved someone enough to sacrifice for them, stumbled a time or two on the path of life, or experienced blessings in unexpected ways, you’ll be charmed by this book.

And here’s some advice for other aspiring writers out there: read this book!

In a class Sharon Hinck recently taught for American Fiction Christian Writers, she emphasized that “one of the keys to writing was to help your reader build a relationship with the characters.”

Since Sharon demonstrates this so successfully with the creation of Amy Johnson, this story is a great study in character development. (After all, Sharon was named “Writer of the Year” at the 2007 Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference.)

Madeleine L’Engle once cautioned writers, “Your point of view as a human being is going to come over in your writing whether you know it or not. There’s no way you can hide it. And that’s a very scary thing, particularly true, oddly enough, in fiction. Story is revelatory.”

Sharon, too, takes her responsibility as an author seriously and shared her thoughts in our lessons:

“I think it’s appropriate to approach our story telling with a little healthy fear and trembling. When someone is willing to spend several hours in your created world, with your created characters, absorbing your world-view, you have an opportunity to influence for good or bad.

Therefore, be saturated with the Word. We work with words, but we never exhaust our need to be IN the Word—taught, fed, and shaped by the Bible.”

To learn more about Sharon and her other books, visit her website. The sidebar section labeled Encouragement links to some meaningful reads, sure to touch your heart.

Book Giveaway: Let me share this sweet story with one of you.

I made the mistake of starting Sharon’s book during a school week, and you can see by my

My copy of Sharon's book where it should NOT be--in my school bag!

photos that I ended up reading when I should have been working. My copy of the book shows some outer wear from having been dragged around with me and handled by my curious students, but the pages are pristine. So if you’re the type of person who doesn’t judge a book by its cover, this is the giveaway for you!

To win my somewhat used copy of this book, you must be a subscriber or GFC follower. Then simply leave a comment below to let me know you’d like to be included in the drawing. Please include your email address. (Remember to write it like this jenniebee [at] gmail [dot] com.) I’ll run the giveaway until next Friday, October 15.

Follow this link to purchase your own copy of the book.

Have you ever been afraid to believe in God’s love?

I wrestled with this question along with the main characters of Siri Mitchell’s novel Love’s Pursuit.

Love’s Pursuit takes place in the Puritan village of Stoneybrooke, Massachusetts, during the 1640’s. The story starts out like any typical historical romance. First, we meet Susannah Phillips, a gently-reared girl, unaware of her own beauty. She obeys all the rules, including setting her sights on the right man to marry. Enter Daniel Holcombe, handsome soldier of the king, to shake up Susannah’s world. Daniel questions the whys and wherefores of Susannah’s chosen life and stirs her heart in a most disturbing manner.

There’s also a poignant subplot, involving a woman who keeps to the fringes of society. A cruel father named her Small-hope and convinced her that’s all she could expect out of life. Small-hope’s transformation becomes a compelling part of this novel.

It all sounds familiar, yes? But don’t assume you know where this tale is going. Love’s Pursuit is more complex than that. The author takes her richly-drawn characters on an unforgettable journey and stirs up questions in the reader’s heart along the way.

Siri Mitchell’s novel is a celebration of how—in the way of a man with a maid—God pursues us, wishing only to lavish us with His love.

Now that I’ve enjoyed reading this book, I’d like to give it away to one of you!

My First Book Giveaway

Since I’ve been wanting to do Book Giveaways on my blog, I decided try one out to see how it goes. If enough people participate, I’ll do some giveaways of Christian fiction through companies that provide those books when they’re hot off the presses. This Giveaway Contest will involve a name being randomly drawn from all those entered. This contest ends on October 5th.

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