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The Beloved Daughter is an inspirational suspense novel by Alana Terry, which tells the story of a young girl sent to a North Korean prison camp for her father’s faith. It has won awards from the Book Club Network and the Women of Faith writing contest. It is also currently one of the nominations for Book of the Year at

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My Take: Beloved Daughter is a dose of reality wrapped in the suspenseful, adventure-filled story of Chung-Ca, daughter of an outspoken Christian father in the totalitarian state of North Korea. Amidst a people raised to be godless & cruel, the light of Christ shines through Chung-Ca’s father & the other characters who know Him. Though at times Chung-Ca’s light seems little more than a sputtering candle, her story helped me envision how even that amount of truth can give hope to those who encounter it. That makes this an important story for any thoughtful believer to make time for.

What I liked best: This story renewed my determination to pray for our many brothers & sisters in Christ, who are suffering in slavery & oppression around the world.

Also, Chung-Ca’s journey gave me hope for me—that though many days I falter in my faith, all I need is a mustard-seed-sized amount for God to use me. God’s grace is pretty amazing that way, isn’t it?

My Favorite Quote: “The Old Woman continued in her low, melodic voice. ‘Eventually word of my witnessing attempts, feeble as they were, reached the ears of the guards. I was put in detainment. It was then, in the midst of fear and persecution, that the words of our Master came to me in a vision. One night the Savior himself appeared in my cell and told me clearly, ‘Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.'”

‘From Matthew,’ I remarked, remembering how my father loved the first gospel and memorized it in its entirety.

The Old Woman looked over at me and furrowed her brow. ‘From the Bible? . . . I have not seen the Holy Book since I was younger than you, a child in my parents’ house . . . My vision of Jesus filled me with hope.'”

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