Jessica Clum Gardner: Many daughters have done well (or a sequel, kind of)

Renee Ann Smith —  February 21, 2011 — 37 Comments

Jessica and Ethan (4 months)

I’d like you to meet a young woman I’ve come to greatly admire, Jessica Clum Gardner. I first met her when she was about 10 and watched her grow up in the years that followed. She was in the first graduating class at my former Christian school, and I was privileged to have her in my own English classes. She is also the daughter of my best friend Nancy. (So this story is kind of a sequel to Nancy’s story, which you can read here.)

Last year I saw firsthand Jessica’s tender ministry to her dying mother. She would read to her, sing to her, sit by her side while Nancy dozed–she just provided a quiet oasis of calm wherever she was in the house. As I wrestled with how to describe Jessica, a verse kept coming to mind which I think says it best: “Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all.” (Proverbs 31:29)

Jessica was shy as a little girl. She preferred books over people at times, though she had

Jesse and Jessica (She's not so shy anymore!)

many friends and participated in all our school activities. And she had a heart for God even then. I remember one night her mother went to Jessica’s room to put her to bed and came back out with the task undone. “She asked to stay up a little longer. She’s reading her Bible and going through her prayer list. What mother could say no?”

Since Jessica’s parents were the type who were in church whenever the doors were open, she grew up going to junior church, Sunday school, and youth group. Our church took advantage of the great youth activities provided by Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, NY. So Jessica attended several snow camps there. We were all surprised when quiet, little Jessica returned from one snow camp having signed up for a WOL short term mission trip. She ended up in South Korea for the summer! And that trip was only the first of many. God had impressed upon her that He wanted her in ministry, sharing the gospel through songs, children’s Bible clubs, and any other means.

Jessica’s married now. She and her husband Jesse (Yes, they’re Jesse and Jessica. Cute, isn’t it?) and their children live in Langhorne, PA. Together they’ve received great training for ministry. Jesse graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a major in Pastoral Ministries and a minor in English. Jessica graduated from Philadelphia College of the Bible with a major in Children’s Ministries and focus on Biblical Studies.

Jesse commutes to Rainbow Media, right outside Penn Station in NYC, where he is a product manager working closely with AMC and WeTV. He’s also an Associate Pastor at Oxford Valley Chapel, where Jessica and Jesse head up a college/career ministry. They call their group the YAMs (Young Adult Ministry) and have them over often for parties and other activities.

They also help with the Awanas clubs for kids. And this past June, Jessica and a friend started Mom to Mom, a ministry to young moms with children aged newborn to 5. They began by studying Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp and have moved on to Teach Them Diligently by Lou Priolo.

Now I’ll let Jessica answer a few of my questions in her own words . . .

Jesse worked with me at Northern Dutchess Christian School when he and Jessica first met. So I got to observe a bit of their courtship from Jesse’s point of view. I asked Jessica, when did you know Jesse was “THE ONE”?

“When I first met Jesse, I actually was not interested at all and even tried to get my friend interested in him instead. That didn’t work out. So we began talking via email and instant messaging. Pretty soon we had become very good friends. It wasn’t long until we began dating. Before I knew it, we were engaged!

In deciding if Jesse was ‘the one’, one of the biggest things for me was that we had the same goals in life. We both had a passion for the Lord and ministry. Plus, our families were so alike that we both fit in easily.

We had a few opportunities to serve in ministry together before we were married. It was during those times that I really knew Jesse was the one that God had hand-selected for me. We worked together effortlessly–as if we had known each other for years.

We have been married now for over five years, and I still feel the same way. I love serving alongside him and wouldn’t trade it for the world. And now being able to watch him as a dad is especially neat. He is a wonderful dad!”

Ethan (age 2)

Jesse and Jessica’s first son was born with a cleft palate and at age 2 has already undergone several corrective surgeries. He came through them beautifully and is a happy, healthy, busy boy. I asked Jessica, what are some of your favorite things about being a mother?

“Well, let me just say that I absolutely love being a mom! It is the hardest and most rewarding job. There are many mommy moments that make all the difficult times worth it. When Ethan hangs on my neck, squeezes me tight, gives me a sloppy kiss, and says, ‘Mommy, I love you!’ my heart melts, and all the hard times drift away. God has clearly had his hand on Ethan since birth with his cleft lip and palate issues. He was a trooper through all the necessary surgeries, and God taught us a lot in and through those surgeries as well.

Jessica and Ethan (8 months)

I love watching Ethan grow, learn, and discover the world that God has made. I have also learned what a huge responsibility it is to give Ethan a glimpse of who God is by what I teach him. He is 2 1/2 now and it is so neat to watch him talk about what he is learning, and see how he understands things. He keeps us on our toes for sure! It is also a challenge for us as parents to diligently teach him, as Deuteronomy 6 talks about.”

Jessica’s mom passed away a year ago this month, on February 4th. And a year later, Jessica gave birth to a second child–a girl–just a few days ago on February 11th. They named her Anna Jean, after her grandmother Nancy Jean. Jessica shared this about Anna Jean:

Anna Jean, born February 11, 2011

“I am super excited to have a daughter. I am looking forward to being able to have the same relationship with my daughter that my mom had with me. I also think it is special that God gifted our family with a girl so close to when Mom passed away. He knew we needed a little blessing amidst the heartache. God’s timing is always perfect, and this is just evidence of it!”

I asked Jessica if she wanted to share anything else about her family, and she replied: “I love my family! My brother Mat (he’s in Army Ranger School right now) is a lot like my mom. He’s the voice of reason amidst whatever life brings our way. My dad and I have grown closer during and since my mom’s passing. I learn a lot from my dad and admire his strength and reliance on the Lord.

Jessica and mother Nancy Jean

“And my mother–there are so many words that I could say about my mom . . . so many things I have learned from her. Mom and I were very close and shared many wonderful memories together.

One of the things I have enjoyed since she passed away is reading her beloved books. I have learned a lot about her and her love for the Lord through them. I can’t believe it has been a year already. But God is good. Although it has been a hard year, He has given us many blessings throughout.”

Thanks for reading Jessica’s story. I hope it’s encouraging for you to see Godly young people living lives that please Him. I know it is for me!

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And now a few more photos before we say good-bye . . .

Ethan meets Anna

Jessica, brother Mat, father Dave

Uncle Mat with Ethan

Jessica with mom and dad, Jesse and Ethan

Jessica's Wedding Day

The happy couple jumps for joy!

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37 responses to Jessica Clum Gardner: Many daughters have done well (or a sequel, kind of)

  1. I think it is fantastic you have kept up with some of your students! It shows what a compassionate and fantastic teacher you were to them. If my kids had that they might be still in school. I know they are out there but they are hard to find. I love your inspirational posts:) They are always a highlight of my reading!

  2. Again Renee, you made me cry with your tender story of Jessica and her sweet family who is so precious and loved by our family too. The verse from Proverbs is truly “Jess”! And the pictures. . . love, love, love them!

  3. I love the photos of Jess and Jesse. They really captured their personality! Very admirable girl you’ve profiled.

  4. This is so awesome! Really touching and says a ton about you!

  5. Thanks for sharing this story, and thanks to the two Jess’s for allowing it to be told. It really is beautiful and the pics are fantastic! God bless and take care 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for this story, Renee—you captured the “essence” of Jessica so very well. I’m always amazed to think about how shy she was when we first met compared to the outgoing people-loving woman I’m married to today. We both just finished reading this article together and we were both humbled and encouraged by your thoughtfulness.

    • It was so much fun to write about Jessica! She’s a living example of how God can work inside us and make us blossom into all that He intended us to be–if we let Him. To me it seems like Jessica put her hand in His as a young girl and let Him lead her into the future, without ever looking back . . . And together, you two have blessed so many of us! Thanks for your kind words here.

  7. Jessica sounds like an amazing young woman, which is a sure testimony to her sweet Mother. What a gift you must also be to her…knowing the love you shared for her Mom.

    Thank you for stopping by Southern Somedays and giving me some inspiration for future reading! Aren’t book friends just kindred spirits, no matter the genre? I hope you have a wonder filled Monday!!!

  8. What an amazing lady. She looks allot like her mom.

    When my mom was battling cancer (she’s been cancer-free @2 years now), it was by far one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. As long as I live I will never forget the first time I saw my mother without hair. It still brings tears to my eyes. I’m so glad this gal made her mama proud and had God to see her through her loss.

    Beautiful post Renee Ann 🙂

    • I’m so glad your mom’s a survivor, Juju! I’m sure you suffered along with her as you watched her go through her treatments. Cancer’s such a scary disease and affects everyone close to the sufferer. Here’s wishing your mother a lifetime of recovery!

  9. I am so thankful God brought Jessica into our family. The perfect helpmeet for our son. She is a wonderful compliment to him and a wonderful mother to my 2 beautiful grandchildren. Love you Jessica. Mom G

  10. Hi Renee Ann,

    I stopped by after reading your lovely post on Seekerville today because I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story. Having the chance to read this lovely piece about Jessica is a wonderful bonus. What a blessed young woman she is and how lovely it is for you to have her in your life and for she to have you in hers.


    • I appreciate your sweet words, Mary! I checked out your blog and saw that you’re a 4th grade teacher in NY. I’m in upstate NY, south of Albany, and I teach in a small Christian high school. I’m happy to “meet” you here. (The best part of blogging is all the great folks you run into online.) Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Jessica sounds like an amazing lady! What a beautiful tribute to her!

  12. Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.

    I also do a weekend blog hop, you can link up on open every Friday-Sunday!

  13. beautiful =)

    it’s always nice to read stories about fellow Christians living the faith! =) the women you feature here are truly encouraging! thanks for sharing their stories, renee ann!

    ………..and their names are def cute! =D

  14. following from welcome wednesday!
    hope you stop by mama days!

  15. Hi Renee Ann,
    This was a wonderful post Renee and I enjoyed “meeting” Jessica and her beautiful family through your kind words! That’s so great you have remained friends with a former student to experience all the good times and sad times together. Jessica’s mom, Nancy, seemed like a remarkable person as I just read your post about her too. Your continued love and support for Jessica and her family is such a blessing! Thanks for sharing this post on NOBH!

  16. What a great post – I feel like I know everyone just by reading!

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful, encouraging story!

  17. Jessica is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul! I enjoyed learning a little about her and her precious family. Her son is gorgeous!!!

    Thank you for the $10 gift card. I ordered a ceramic coffee mug decorated with little pink hearts and pink ribbons. I can’t wait to use it!

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