As Silver Refined: Answers to Life’s Disappointments

Renee Ann Smith —  November 20, 2011 — 13 Comments

Kay Arthur’s latest book introduced me to some amazing heroes of the faith: A missionary who was captured and tortured by the people he wished to win to Christ. A man who never lost his hope while suffering through the bodily deterioration of ALS. A woman who was able to  praise God in spite of a son who took his own life. A political prisoner who gave up his blanket, his only source of warmth, to the other man in his cell and won that man to Christ with his dying words . . . I read their stories of sacrifice with tears in my eyes.

What did these folks have in common? They had learned the secret of the Refiner’s fire. By finding God’s blessing in the midst of their suffering, they became sources of hope and encouragement for every life they touched.

Kay Arthur writes, “This image of refinement is something God touches on again and again in His Word. He is the true Refiner. We are His silver. And the fire is the fire of His making.

For through His fire our Refiner will perfect an awesome work, a divine work. He will take what is impure and make it pure. He will take what is dull and make it beautiful.

He will transform us into a treasure.

He’ll refine us in the crucible so that He can see Himself in the silver—in you and me. And so the world, as well as the principalities and powers and hosts of Satan, can behold the triumph of the Redeemer.”

As Silver Refined shares strategies for emerging victorious through the fires of failure, temptation, stress, and tragedy. Kay teaches us how to recognize when the Five Deadly D’s—Disappointment, Discouragement, Dejection, Despair, and Demoralization—have begun to take hold in our hearts and how to access God’s promises before the enemy gains a foothold through them. For God’s promises are our power. I especially love how this poem sums up God’s promise to guide us . . .

Child of My love, fear not the unknown morrow,
Dread not the new demand life makes of thee;
Thy ignorance doth hold no cause for sorrow,
For what thou knowest not is known to Me.

Thou canst not see today the hidden meaning
Of My command, but thou the light shall gain.
Walk on in faith, upon My promise leaning,
And as thou goest, all shall be made plain.

One step thou seest: Then go forward boldly;
One step is far enough for faith to see.
Take that, and thy next duty shall be told thee,
For step by step thy God is leading thee.

Stand not in fear, thine adversaries counting;
Dare every peril, save to disobey.
Thou shalt march on, each obstacle surmounting,
For I, the Strong, shall open up the way.

Therefore go gladly to the task assigned thee,
Having My promise; needing nothing more,
Than just to know where’er the future find thee,
In all thy journeying—I GO BEFORE.

The Scriptures, testimonies, and practical advice on these pages strengthened me, and now I’m working through the 13-week Bible study included in this edition. As Silver Refined is a book I’ll return to again and again. Follow this link to purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift for someone you wish to encourage. (It’s only $7.99 for Kindle!)

***Thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah for sending me a copy of the book to share on my blog. Now would you do me a BIIIG favor and rate my review below? You do need to put in your email address and then respond to the verification email the publisher sends in order for your review to count. When you rank my review, you are automatically entered in a drawing to win this book from the publisher!!! Also, this will enable me to keep reviewing books for WBM. Thanks so much!

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I teach literature in a Christian high school by day and write inspirational fiction by night. I love to share heart-touching quotes and stories here on my blog. So glad you stopped by!

13 responses to As Silver Refined: Answers to Life’s Disappointments

  1. This is an inticing read! I’m adding it to my list! Thanks for the great review, Renee. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great review I have rated it and will look for this book, I remember reading about the Refiners fire in the Bible, you have made it become clearer.
    thanks again.

  3. Thanks, Barb! This is a greatly encouraging study.

  4. I’m doing a Kay Arthur study right now and I’m really enjoying it! Great review. 🙂

    • Thanks, Joy! I had fun checking out your website. I grabbed your button and I’m following by email . . . I really enjoy how Kay Arthur both challenges and comforts. And this book is almost as good as my all-time favorite of hers: When the Hurt Runs Deep.

  5. Sounds like a book I need to pick up to read/study. I am not familiar with Kay Author but I have a feeling I need to be! It seems like my whole family had been thrown into the refiner’s fire these past 3 months since Hurricane Irene! We certainly have a lot to be thankful for such as my mom, after 9 weeks, is now back in her home. My sister is beginning a new chapter having to move to an apartment last weekend, since her home is not repairable. Most recently, my 43 yr old, sister-in-law is home recovering from a stroke. At times I scream enough Lord! Now I am starting to take a step back to see what are we to be learning from all this….life is precious, don’t take each other for granted, and much more!

  6. Love this Renee… Always have loved Kay Arthur.

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