A cup brimful . . .

Renee Ann Smith —  March 9, 2012 — 7 Comments

“If a sudden jar can cause me to speak an impatient, unloving word, then I know nothing of Calvary love. For a cup brimful of sweet water cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, however suddenly jolted.” ~Amy Carmichael~

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” ~Luke 6:45 NIV~

Amy Carmichael, missionary to India's children

“You don’t get wormy apples off a healthy tree, nor good apples off a diseased tree. The health of the apple tells the health of the tree. It’s who you are, not what you say and do, that counts. Your true being brims over into true words and deeds.” ~Luke 6:45 from The Message~

I’m thankful God sees all that is inside us, loves us anyway, and so generously shares His Spirit to make us like His Son! That alone is reason enough to rejoice!

Have a great weekend, friends!

Renee Ann Smith

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I teach literature in a Christian high school by day and write inspirational fiction by night. I love to share heart-touching quotes and stories here on my blog. So glad you stopped by!

7 responses to A cup brimful . . .

  1. O WOW I love the second one. Beautiful post darling. I love that your blog is like my zen place.

  2. I love that second quote. I may print that one and hang it in my dining room.

  3. I love Amy Carmichael. Read “If” in college…. need to pick that up again and re-read….

  4. Hi, Juju, Melissa, and Lyli! Thanks for checking in ladies!

  5. Oh how I love these reminders! I have been contemplating a couple of these passages of scripture just this week. Apparently the Holy Spirit is trying to tell me a few things, since I visited you only to see the same verses! Thank you for sharing and for linking up with NOBH! Smiles –

  6. A lovely post today; thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

  7. Thanks for sharing here, Amy and LeAnn! Blessings!

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