5 Books to Make You Love Heaven (Countdown pick #3)

Renee Ann Smith —  February 9, 2013 — 7 Comments

 Erwin Lutzer C. S. Lewis“Every human being is in the process of becoming a noble being; noble beyond imagination. Or else, alas, a vile being beyond redemption. There are no ordinary people. It is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit.” ~C. S. Lewis~

Pick #3 in my 5 Books to Make You Love Heaven Countdown is One Minute After You Die by Erwin Lutzer.

Don’t let the title scare you off. This is a gem of a book!

Erwin Lutzer shares what the Bible has to say about the life beyond—not to depress or scare us—but to comfort and inspire.The author explains his motivation in these paragraphs: “The other day I was browsing in the travel section of the bookstore. Potential travelers were buying maps and guidebooks on Hawaii and Europe. Some were purchasing booklets to help them learn phrases of a foreign language. No doubt they had saved their money, blocked out their vacation schedules, and purchased airline tickets. All that just for a two-week journey.

I wondered how many of them were giving at least that much attention to their final destination. I wondered how many were reading the guidebook, studying the map, and trying to learn the language of heaven. Europe and Hawaii seemed so much more real than the unseen realm of the dead. And yet, even as they planned their vacation, they were en route to a more distant destination.”

Lutzer then goes on to give context to the beautiful metaphors the Bible shares to help us understand death.

Here’s my favorite from Hebrews 6: 19&20. “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil, where Jesus has entered as a forerunner for us.”

“In ancient times, the forerunner was a sailor who helped a vessel enter the harbor safely. He would jump from the ship, wade to land, and fasten the strong rope of the ship to a rock along the shore. Then, he’d use a winch to bring the ship in.” (Lutzer)

So death is like a sailing ship being anchored to shore by a trustworthy forerunner.

Isn’t that a great word picture? I can just imagine it . . . those 1st century sailors, fearing for their lives on a storm-tossed sea. Their ship nears a harbor. They choose their strongest man and send him over the side. Trembling, they watch and fear and pray as their man battles the waves. Finally, he reaches shallow water and steps out on dry land. He finds the surest rock and ties off the ship.

The sailors rejoice.

Because though they are still at sea, buffeted by winds and waves, they know their salvation is sure.

Their forerunner made it, and so will they. Soon they’ll be with him on shore. Safe. Secure. Victim of life’s storms no more.

Just so, “We have an anchor which keeps the soul steadfast and sure while the billows roll, fastened to the rock which cannot move grounded firm and deep in the savior’s love.” (We Have an Anchor, words: Priscilla J. Owens, music: William J. Kirkpatrick)

This little book packs a punch. It’s also a great teaching resource. Follow this link to purchase One Minute After You Die for yourself.

Erwin Lutzer is the senior pastor of Moody Church in Chicago. Follow this link to hear more from him.

What about you, friends?

  • Do you think much of your Heavenly home?
  • Are you curious to know how our lives will be there?
  • Is there someone special you look forward to reuniting with one day?
  • What’s your favorite verse about Heaven?
  • What non-fiction book or novel changed your perspective on spiritual journey in a big way?
Please know that, though I may not respond right away, I eventually visit the blogs of all who leave comments. And whenever I see your names here, I always, always pray for you! Blessings!
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7 responses to 5 Books to Make You Love Heaven (Countdown pick #3)

  1. As usual I always enjoy your book reviews. As a Hospice nurse for many years; I learned alot about death and the dieing process. I am very comfortable with my beliefs of how the after life will be. I have taught many classes on Hospice subjects and also some in our church. One book that really was beautiful is “The Message” by Lance Richardson. I will look into reading the one you recommended.

  2. I live to get there someday! I have never felt that this earth is my home, although I find beauty in our planet and I am happily married. But my deepest longing is to be with Jesus and although I am in no way suicidal, I am anxious to return to Him. I enjoy your posts so much and enourage you to continue with your inspiring thoughts. Thanks so much Renee. I definitely want to read this awesome book!
    Blessings to you Sweet Heart!

  3. Interesting series. I want to read your other reviews – will leave your blog open so I can look around more when I have some time. Found you through the GraceLaced linkup!

  4. I like the title of the book. Thanks for the book review, I always like reading what you say about books. I bought one of the books you reviewed and really am getting so much insight out of it. I can’t think of the title just now but it is something about the ‘Crazy’ people in your life.

    I followed your link over from Leslie’s Simply Better linkup to find someone I follow, LOL!!

  5. Being such a bookworm, I think I found the jackpot on your blog site! 🙂 This one sounds insightful. Thanks for sharing!

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